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Blue Mountains Day Tours - 5 Attractions to Visit Once in a Lifetime

From deep forests to roaring waterfalls, popular holiday resorts to mysterious caves, and attractive museums to adventurous hiking heritage, Blue Mountains offers the complete fun. Placed in the heart of Sydney, there hardly is a season when visitors don’t get attracted to the beauty of the Blue Mountains. The dramatic scenery is enough for anyone to plan the Blue Mountain tours.

Below are some of the places in the Blue Mountains where you can have the time of your life by hiring the best coach tour service. Let’s explore!

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The Three Sisters at Echo Point

The best-known tourist place, which is 900 Km tall from the ground and normally surrounded by the mist can be your favourite spot to gaze Mother Nature. The three sandstone pillars have been standing together for many years.

It’s been said that tribal elder cast a spell on three sisters to protect them from three brothers of another tribe. Sadly the elder perished before he could reverse the spell. So for that reason, the three sisters never came to life, and the place got its obvious name. Well, this is one of the many mythological stories of this place, who knows you may find another one when you take a trip here?

blue mountains

Scenic World

This place offers some of the most adventurous parks and breathtaking topography. The Scenic Railway will take you to the peaks of the mountain, and all you would do is walk on air. No, you would walk on air as there’s a huge glass bottom floor the Scenic Skyway, which is not for weak hearts. So are you ready to taste the true adventure?


Featherdale Wildlife Park

You may travel the world, but you can never find all Australian native animals and birds in a natural bush setting like the Australian zoo – Featherdale Wildlife Park. Hand feed a Kangaroo, Wallaby, Pademelon and Quokka; hug a koala, laugh with a kookaburra, see Dingos, wombat, Tasmanian devil and 4-metre long crocodile! Featherdale Wildlife Park is a must-see tourist attraction for all tourist and visitors to Sydney.

leura spa garden

Leura Spa & Garden

When you feel like exhausted from your hectic work schedule, it’s time to relax in the natural spa of Leura. The charming garden is famous for its cool-climate garden and health spas. Built in the 19th century, the garden hasn’t lost its beauty a bit. So discover yourself into nature!

To accomplish the perfect tour goals, finding the best coach tour service such as the Blue Mountain Tours is imperative. Star Coaches will make your tour comfortable with our luxurious 5-star coaches that are cozy, fully air-conditioned, recliner seats, entertainment systems, curtains and seat belts its everything you can expect on a 5-star coach. You will be taken to every tourist attractions to explore the place. This way your journey will be comfortable, safe, and you will never miss a single tourist attraction in the Blue Mountains.

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